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Evangel Healthcare Charities Inc. is a non-profit corporation, established to provide healthcare services those that need it, particularly the indigents. We provide home care (curative) services; hospice care (end of life) services to clients who have terminal illness, have been certified by their physicians as needing hospice care, and who have elected hospice. We also provide pediatric care and provider services to qualified clients. Our staff comprise of nurses, therapists, licensed social workers, Chaplain, nurses aide, volunteers, and medical doctors, work tirelessly to ensure that the best type of care is provided to our clients


Our Enrollment Process:

Often patients and their families are referred to hospice by medical professional, and hospital discharge planner. In some cases, the patient and their family contact the hospice directly. If you know anyone that might benefit from hospice care, please contact us. We will send a representative that will explain/discuss hospice care for your loved one.



Evangel Hospice Care Services provides care for our patients through our interdisciplinary group. This care is available to our patients twenty-four hours of every day, seven days a week (24/7). This group is made up of:

Registered Nurse:

Coordinates and provide direct patient care; monitor medications, and check symptoms. The nurse maintains communication with the physician as the patient’s condition and treatment changes.

Social Worker:
The social worker assist in social aspect of care, and  acts as an advocate for the patient and family in making use of community resources. The social worker also provides counseling to the patient and family members during the crisis period while providing feedback to the hospice tea. 

Certified Nurses Aide:                                                                                                                  

Provide personal care/grooming for the patient, such as bathing, shampooing, shaving, and all nail care. Also provides valuable feedback to the team regarding their observation and patient’s needs.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies:                                                                              

Daily living tasks such as walking, dressing, or feeding oneself can be come challenging during an illness, therapists help the patient develop new ways to accomplish these tasks


The hospice physician makes sure that palliative care is provided to the patients. Patients may however, elect to have their own physician follow care.

Chaplain/Spiritual counselor:
Assists the family with spiritual needs during and after hospice care.

Provides counseling to family and staff members regarding dietary issues surrounding end of life care.

Volunteers may provide services ranging from clerical support to the office, to support for patients and their families, or through patient care activities.

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