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Evangel Healthcare Charities Inc. is a non-profit corporation, established to provide healthcare services those that need it, particularly the indigents. We provide home care (curative) services; hospice care (end of life) services to clients who have terminal illness, have been certified by their physicians as needing hospice care, and who have elected hospice. We also provide pediatric care and provider services to qualified clients. Our staff comprise of nurses, therapists, licensed social workers, Chaplain, nurses aide, volunteers, and medical doctors, work tirelessly to ensure that the best type of care is provided to our clients


Our Enrollment Process:

Often patients and their families are referred to hospice by medical professional, and hospital discharge planner. In some cases, the patient and their family contact the hospice directly. If you know anyone that might benefit from hospice care, please contact us. We will send a representative that will explain/discuss hospice care for your loved one.



Personal Assistance Services allows the elderly and disabled in the community, the opportunity to receive needed assistance for activities of daily living in the comfort and security of their own home. Evangel has provided these services to the community for a few  years and we are looking forward to an exciting future of expanded patient care.

Evangel provides services for the Houston community as well as the surrounding communities. Our multi-regional service area allows us the opportunity to help our neighbors in Conroe, New Waverly, Huntsville and Beaumont/Port Arthur and surrounding counties. We also provide services in El Paso and surrounding communities.

Families with relatives that are elderly and/or disabled and need help with personal grooming, household tasks, and other activities of daily living can contact our agency and speak with one of our trained staff members.

We will listen to your concerns and start the process to help get your services initiated by the appropriate caseworker, coordinator, and other authorizing agency. Our staff will call in referrals, contact physicians, and monitor each case for progress.

Our agency complies with all government requirements for screening employees to ensure your safety and the safety of your personal property.

Evangel PAS, We Are Working To Make Your Life Easier.

Contact one of our trained PAS/PHC staff members for services in:

  • Houston and surrounding areas: ¬†713-432-7330
  • El Paso and surrounding areas: Beaumont/Port Arthur-409/727-8870

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General care services

Our Healthcare Aid staff are professional and well trained.


hospice care

We provide personalized attention to ensure the client comfort.

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home care services

We always treat your home with the same care you expect.

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Pediatrics services

Our passion is evident in the way we handle our youngest of client.

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